Having worked for most of our adult lives, we were tied in what many will recognise as a terminal mortgage disability.  It seemed like we worked to pay the mortgage yet by working and giving it our all, we soon came to realise that work had become our lives.  Leaving for work in the dark and coming home in the dark is no fun.

During the last few years, we have said goodbye to so many of our life contacts well before they were able to take advantage of their hard work. Some left suddenly, some painfully but out of 12 losses, only one had tasted life after work and that was cut short by a tragic accident.

Life is just too short to wait for something to happen....so we made it happen!

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Chez Ebos...
(Either Brave or Stupid)

....as we are fondly calling our new house now, is a 'fermette' in the hamlet of Chardat which is located in the most northern tip of the Charente region of France. 

The local town of Confolens is a historic town divided by the river Vienne and has pretty 'ponts' and old buildings.

As the site is developed, you will be able to learn more from the other pages about its localtion and surroundings but you have to bear with me while I learn the 'Webmaster' ropes!

Either Brave.....

                ...... or Stupid!
On the 7th of September 2014, Bill and I boarded an early Eurotunnel train and left Britain for our new life in France.  We had taken the risk of leaving our jobs, taking our pensions, selling our home and buying a property in France.  As these things do, our thoughts turned to keeping ourselves busy and the bigger picture now incldes the running of a holiday cottage suitable for people who have or live with someone with a dermatological condition and would not otherwise take a holiday for so many reasons.
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Please come back soon to see our progress.

Photo: L Parrish - Balloons over Château Royal d'Amboise
Photo: L Parrish - Balloons over Château Royal d'Amboise
Hello, and thank you for visiting our site!

This site is about following your dream.  Not necessarily long standing dreams that you have anchored after your whole life but dreams that feel are so right that no matter how much you try, questioning yourself with what if's and maybe's, you just know that its the right thing to do.

Photo: LParrish - Sunflower in Montrol Senard
The chronicles of our move to France, the name born from a comment from a good friend on learning what we were about to do, said, 'well Liz, you are either brave or stupid'.